Sunpower’s KNX Technical Guide offers insightful advice for designers and installers alike

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  Posted by: electime      10th September 2019

Sunpower Electronics has published a KNX Technical Guide, providing comprehensive advice for both prospective and actual users of the popular international building automation standard. The document is available for free download from Sunpower’s website.

The Guide offers insights at both conceptual and practical levels. For architects, building system designers and facilities managers, it starts by explaining the technical and commercial benefits offered by the KNX standard and its ecosphere.

For systems integrators, electricians, contractors and installers, it continues by providing the basic information essential to building any system. What core component types are available, what is their role, and how are they linked together into a meaningful control structure? And what software tools are available to support this implementation effort?

The Guide then gives some examples of real KNX products, and finally discusses the resources that are available to system designers and implementers, from both the KNX UK Association and Sunpower Electronics.

Backed by Sunpower’s comprehensive UK-based KNX supply and support resource

The Guide, which is offered freely to the entire KNX community, is based on Sunpower Electronics’ over 20 years’ experience in power solutions and our collaboration with MEAN WELL. MEAN WELL has been continuously launching KNX-related products since 2017, and, as their longest-standing distributor, we have been providing a UK-based outlet and fast, local support.

We help customers in selecting the most appropriate KNX products for their application; KNX power supply, LED driver, actuator, gateway, USB interface, IP router or line coupler. We can then provide technical support in setting up KNX systems and help to specify other building power requirements.

As a result, we are equipped to offer complete power solutions that can be off the shelf, customised or bespoke to your needs.

For more information and advice, contact Sunpower on: 0118 9408718