The importance of skilled workers in a Net Zero World

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  Posted by: electime      14th December 2022

JTL, one of the leading apprenticeship providers in the building services engineering sector in England and Wales, is raising awareness of the essential role apprenticeships play in achieving net zero, and how that relates to the government’s route out of the cost of living crisis.

Both the UK Chancellor’s autumn statement and the Prime Minister’s words at Cop27 have confirmed that net zero is essential to the government’s strategy of revitalising the British economy by becoming a “clean energy superpower.” JTL is reminding the industry that this is a strategy dependent upon a generation of trained apprentices.

In order to become a net zero nation, an entirely new skills-based infrastructure must be developed to support it. This is an infrastructure that cannot be created without training providers such as JTL, which deliver industry standard courses to ensure apprentices are ready to meet the net zero requirements of the future.

For instance, the current Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship course delivers the Environmental Technologies pathway for learners to skill themselves toward greener technologies. Apprentices that choose this pathway undergo a bespoke training programme accommodating solar thermal, heat pumps, and water recycling systems.

JTL’s Level 3 Electrotechnical Standard is also being reviewed to accommodate an introduction of greener pathways, and in January 2023, JTL will be releasing a new course titled the Domestic Electrician Apprenticeship. Specialising exclusively in domestic dwellings, this course prepares learners for modern low-carbon technologies such as solar PV and battery storage systems.

Hayley Tabberer, Campaign Manager at JTL, said: “At JTL, we believe that training apprentices in greener technologies can support the country through the development of more efficient energy solutions, new industries, and, with them, a new workforce.

“It’s a workforce that JTL feel primed to deliver, one that enables us to prosper in the pursuit of net zero whilst targeting unemployment, achieving energy independence, and contributing to a solution for the cost of living crisis that affect us all.”

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