Tidi-Cable Develops A New Range of Cable Management Products To Help Save Lives Ahead of New Regulation

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18th Edition News

  Posted by: electime      7th January 2019

A Kent-based company that manufactures cable-management solutions, which help to save lives and prevent accidents, has developed a new range which is designed meet to the more stringent requirements of new regulations and will create a safer working environment. Construction sites in particular, but also schools, theatres, offices and music venues, where cabling might be required on a temporary or semi-permanent basis, can all benefit from solutions which help to keep cabling high off of the ground, thereby reducing the risk of

On 1st January, 2019 new regulations come into force*, part of which includes updates designed to reduce the risk posed by suspended cables in the event of a fire. These changes to the wiring regulations follow the death of two firefighters at Shirley Towers in 2010 after they became entangled in fallen cables. Two firefighters also lost their lives in 2005 at Harrow Court Tower Block, where one of the firefighters had become entangled in fallen electrical cables.

The new range of products, developed by Kent-based Tidi-Cable Ltd, have been created with metal-based designs, thereby increasing their fire-resistance and their durability. There are 11 new products in the range, offering solutions for a variety of different environments and cable types, together with both temporary and permanent placement options in mind.

Perry Coppen, Founder of Tidi-Cable, said “Avoidable loss of life due to inadequate cable management is not only tragic, but also unforgiveable and we therefore fully support the new regulations. Tidi-Cable has been producing innovative cable-management solutions since 2013 and we are glad to see that cable management, in relation to site safety, is receiving the attention it deserves in the new regulations.”

“Our new range of metal Tidi-Cable products, which fully comply with the new regulations, builds upon our five years of experience working with construction site managers and those responsible for healthy and safety. Through working side-by-side with the people who are responsible for ensuring workers’ safety we have been able to design sensible, cost-effective solutions to trailing cable challenges.”

The free e-book can be downloaded from: https://tidi-cable.com/uk/18th-edition-wiring-regulations-bs7671-changes-download/