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  Posted by: electime      14th June 2018

Even the most well-organised site can be prone to damaged parts from time to time. After all, in the hustle and bustle of a busy build or refurbishment it’s easy for smaller products, such as switches and sockets, to take knocks and scrapes as workers rush to get the job done. Emma Segelov, from MK Electric, explains how installation and protection of these products can be made easier.

The busy nature of a construction site doesn’t always make them conducive to the safe storage of delicate items such as wiring devices. In fact, even once installed they are frequently damaged by knocks, scrapes, sanding abrasions and paint splatter – requiring replacements to be fitted before the building can be handed over to the occupier.

When you consider the booming market for new developments both within and outside of the capital, it becomes easy to see why firms are eager to minimise delays and additional costs that arise as a result of the need to replace product. Aside from the replacement cost, firms can be impacted by additional labour costs that are incurred when it comes to reordering, and installing, new products.

More than £1bn was invested in office buildings in Manchester alone last year, the most buoyant regional city in England, while a high level of growth and redevelopment was also seen in cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds.

With so many jobs to jump between, it’s important for contractors to know that they can simply install a product and move onto the next project, without having to worry about returning to the site to replace damaged or misplaced goods.

For this reason, many look out for products that offer a two-step installation solution. This allows the functional module to be fitted on site, before the final frontplate is added at a later date.

However, it is important for electricians to ensure that the products they choose also allow for two step ordering and delivery – usually by providing two completely different part numbers. This means each individual part can be ordered and delivered to site at different times to fit in with the electrician’s schedule, removing the risk of loss or damage, and any delays that may arise as a result of this.

An important additional consideration is the need for the wiring devices to meet British Standards at all times while they’re installed and operational on site. Where a two-part installation occurs, it is vital to check that the functional module meets these standards or the wiring device will not be useable by individuals on site.

Installers also need to think about the time it will take to install the products. Often with multiple jobs to pack into their day, choosing products that include some simple time saving benefits can be vital – enabling them to complete the job quickly, and move onto the next one. This can be especially important when they are working on larger jobs such as hotels or city office blocks.

MK Electric regularly speaks to electricians to understand the problems they face and ensure their needs are met. On the back of these discussions, it has designed MK Dimensions to meet the challenges they come up against when they are on site.

Built upon a modern, screwless aesthetic, MK Dimensions comes in nine different finishes including the latest addition, matt black. This range of finishes allows scalability within a development, enabling entire developments to have one common design aesthetic. Hotels, for example, can have one finish for public spaces and another for back-office locations.

The clip-on, tool-removable frontplates provided with MK Dimensions allow for an easy and speedy installation, which can be simply upgraded to match changes to décor as part of future refurbishments with minimal disruption. And, as the two parts have two different part numbers and can therefore be ordered to arrive on site separately to fit in with the installers schedule, meaning electricians do not need to worry about parts being mislaid or damaged while they are in storage. Furthermore, any late changes in final frontplate finish can be accommodated without incurring additional cost – an important consideration when faced with a client that is prone to changing their mind in the later stages of a project.

Importantly, MK Dimensions is compliant with British Standards even before the final frontplate has been fitted, which means it can be used by contractors on site during the build phase. This is achieved by using a recyclable cover plate, which protects the functional module before the final frontplate is attached.

MK Dimensions also caters for the busy installer by incorporating time-saving features such as backed out and captive screws, and in-line and upward facing funnel entrance to terminals. When combined, these features can save installers around 15 seconds per double socket outlet installation, which can amount to a considerable time and labour saving on larger installations for commercial premises.

It’s important for electricians to be able to present a high-quality finished product to their customers, but the challenges of working on site mean that knocks and scrapes to delicate items such as wiring devices can occur.

Therefore, electricians must carefully select products which offer a two-part installation along with key installation benefits such as backed out and captive screws, in-line and funnel entrance terminals and clip-on frontplates. By doing this, they can not only ensure that the finished product looks pristine for the end user, but that they save themselves time and hassle on site.

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