Unicrimp introduces nylon meter tail glands

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  Posted by: electime      11th August 2022

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues to expand its cable accessories portfolio and has just launched a new range of Nylon Meter Tail Glands.

The new 32 mm and 40 mm White Nylon Meter Tail Glands with Plug have been added to Unicrimp’s Q-Crimp Nylon Glands offering.   They are designed to house incoming cables on a metal consumer unit and provide the ideal solution to house incoming cables requiring entry through a 32mm or 40mm knockout due to their specialist grommet allowing fitment for 25mm² or 16mm² meter tails.

A blanking insert plug is also supplied as standard for optional use should no earth wire be present.

For further information contact Unicrimp on 01827 300600: sales@unicrimp.com or visit www.unicrimp.com.