Abtec BT white paper highlights importance of effective emergency lighting systems

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  Posted by: electime      28th October 2019

A white paper that answers questions regarding the benefits of non-proprietary, automatic emergency lighting testing and its benefits to building owners, managers and operators has been published by Abtec Building Technologies.   

Effective control and monitoring of emergency lighting systems is more highly prized than ever as building management systems (BMS) come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of recent tragedies.

In response to an urgent market need for secure, robust emergency lighting reporting solutions, Abtec Building Technologies (Abtec BT) launched a new software as a service (SaaS) offering: ARGOHub. ARGOHub offers powerful functionality for the control, management and fault reporting of emergency lighting systems.

The accompanying white paper includes up-to-date information including:

  • What is the context and landscape around responsibility for emergency lighting?
  • What are the legal requirements for emergency light testing?
  • How is emergency light testing carried out? And can it be automated?
  • What are the benefits of automated testing over manual / self-test?
  • Are secure automated testing solutions available – and how do they add value?

It is essential reading for building owners, operators, managers, facilities managers, health and safety managers, estate managers and bursars operating in the social housing, education and commercial property sectors.

Dave Watkins, Director of Abtec Building Technologies, comments: “At a time when building safety is under scrutiny like never before it is crucial that everybody involved with the management of large occupancy buildings, including schools, colleges, office complexes, factories and multi-storey dwellings, understands the regulations concerning the provision and testing of emergency lighting systems.

“Put simply, building managers and service companies must be able to maintain consistently effective management and monitoring of emergency lighting systems. Our white paper provides a comprehensive overview of emergency lighting and serves as a reminder of what is required in order for emergency lighting systems to be effective.”

The white paper is available for download athttps://argohub.com/white-paper/