‘Divination ducks’ help predict Euro 2020 scores

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  Posted by: electime      11th June 2021

A Northamptonshire electrical, plumbing and heating business is putting the football knowledge of their resident ducks to the test during the European Championships.

Mother and daughter Mercedes and Blondie will kick off their match predictions in time for England’s debut match against Croatia on Sunday, 13 June at 2pm.

The high-flying duo are egg-cited for the competition which will liven up the leisurely days they spend around the grounds of RK Electrical Mechanical Services’ head office at The Old Poultry Farm in Desborough.

It is hoped they will not get in a flap when they are individually tasked with eating their favourite pre-match snack from a bowl marked with the participating country.

Whichever bowl is eaten from first will indicate the match winner. If both bowls are eaten from simultaneously it will indicate a draw.

Kye Bishop, business development manager, said: “When we moved to our Desborough site in 2019 it was always our plan to get an office pet.

“One of the team knew a breeder, so we put a pond in and built a shelter before initially welcoming two drakes and a duck.”

During the first coronavirus lockdown last March the brood grew to 10.

Kye added: “The majority of the brood were re-homed including the original drakes, Will and Martin. The original duck was kept along with one of her offspring.”

RK Electrical Mechanical Services took to social media to ask their followers to name their two remaining ducks – Mercedes and Blondie.

Kye added: “They are a sociable pair and like nothing more than a dip in the pond or a bite to eat. We’re looking forward to an exciting tournament and believe the Euros will be a welcome lift for all football fans this summer after the difficult times we have all endured.”

Mercedes and Blondie’s match-predicting results will be shared across the company’s social media on Facebook (@rkelectricaldevelopment), Twitter (@rkelec_), Instagram (rkelec_) and LinkedIn (RK Electrical & Development Ltd)

For more information about RK Electrical Mechanical Services visit: https://www.rkelec.co.uk/