ESP introduces new door station with proximity reader

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  Posted by: electime      4th June 2018

ESP has introduced a new version of its Aperta Multiway Video Door Station, with the new model now boasting proximity fob entry for up to 10,000 users.

Designed for easy installation in multiple apartments, the Aperta Multiway Video Door Station is an IP55 rated metal multiway outdoor station complete with the colour video camera and built in keypad for apartment calling, code unlocking and proximity reading.

Proximity entry is becoming increasingly popular and is invaluable for managing sites in a quick and efficient way, and an alternative to the issue of lock release codes, which can be easily forgotten or passed on.

The Aperta door entry system supports up to 32 apartments in one system, requiring only 2 wires throughout, with all outdoor stations and monitors powered by a single power supply. The built-in keypad allows for apartment calling, proximity and code unlocking. It features a high resolution colour camera and LED caller illumination.

The door station is complete with a touch screen panel and is compatible with all Aperta 2 Wire Bus range accessories, including a flush bracket in order to recess the unit.

For further information contact ESP on 01527 515150, email or visit