EV charging solutions provider Charge Amps announces partnership with Fuuse EV charge point software

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  Posted by: electime      18th April 2023

Charge Amps, the Sweden-headquartered EV charging solutions provider, has announced a partnership with UK-based EV charge point management platform Fuuse, to bring smarter charging to commercial businesses and fleets in the UK.

Charge Amps develops smart charging stations, cables, and dedicated cloud software for European homes, offices, and public environments, catering for the growing demand for smart EV charging infrastructure.

Fuuse provides an end-to-end solution to assist UK fleets and commercial businesses with their EV transition. Charge Amps’ OCPP-compliant hardware is now successfully integrated with the flexible charge point management system developed by Fuuse.

The partnership will assist Charge Amps as it continues to scale in the UK, offering fleets and workplaces a comprehensive charging solution to ease EV transitions and future-proof charging needs. Charge Amps’ hardware and software is fully compliant with the UK EV Smart Charge Point Regulations.

Paul Routledge, Regional Director UK & Ireland at Charge Amps, comments: “Partnering with Fuuse is a major milestone for us as we continue to expand access to our charge points throughout the UK. Fuuse shares our vision for a high-speed, integrated Britain that has the requisite infrastructure for the eclectic transport revolution that is currently underway. We are proud that our work is paving the way for the future, and I look forward to working with Fuuse to enable greater equality within the EV space.”

Michael Gibson, CEO at Fuuse, comments: “Transitioning to electric vehicles is no longer optional for UK fleets. Combined with the inevitable acceleration of mass EV adoption, we need to be ready to handle the pressures on our charging infrastructure. Not only ensuring more chargers are placed in the ground, but ensuring those chargers are being utilised to their full potential. The UK’s EV transition timeline is at a critical point, where innovation is key. Smarter solutions are needed to facilitate the transition and provide businesses with enterprise level insights they need to future-proof and evolve their EV operations. We’re thrilled to be joining like-minded pioneers like Charge Amps who share our passion to deliver innovation-led technology to drive the EV revolution.”

The Fuuse charge point management system is fully compliant with the EV Smart Charge Point laws affecting workplace and home charging. The platform’s smart charging functionality, whilst adhering to default off-peak scheduling and randomised delay requirements, also takes into consideration the charging needs of entire fleets, balancing both grid and site capacity simultaneously.

Through comprehensive access controls and multi tariff management, Charge Amps users through Fuuse can restrict charger access, set opening times, and apply different tariffs to different drivers on different days and times. Remote click to fix maintenance features aim to maximise uptime of chargers and advanced reporting gives operators, fleet managers and charge point installers complete visibility of their charging network.