HellermannTyton gets a grip on packaging solution for Gripple

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  Posted by: electime      1st March 2021

Leading manufacturer and supplier of cable management solutions, HellermannTyton has collaborated with global manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning systems, Gripple, in order to streamline assembly lines and methods using HellermannTyton’s Autotool System 3080.

Looking to reduce waste material and downtime, Gripple turned to HellermannTyton to provide an automatic bundling solution within the construction sector, where zero waste and secure packaging is critical in order to keep production organised.

The aim

Gripple needed an Autotool solution to secure a cable tie to package their recently launched ‘Fast Trak’ product, used in the installation of electrical containment, pipework and other MEP services in the construction sector.

Usually done manually, which requires hours of intensive labour, HellermannTyton’s Autotool System 3080 has provided the speed and precision needed to increase production and efficiency for Gripple. It is projected that the Autotool system will allow Gripple to reduce plastic cable tie waste by 12,435 metres over the next five years.

John Brodie, Product Manager of Fastenings & Fixings at HellermannTyton explains: “We were delighted to be approached by Gripple to help them meet their goal of improving their assembly line. After a challenging year for everyone we are striving to change together with our customers, and provide solutions that support them in driving efficiency. We are also pleased we can support Gripple in its Green Agenda to reduce plastic waste and offer a more sustainable service.”

HellermannTyton’s involvement

The ATS3080 Autotool System is an electrical bundling system from HellermannTyton which provides waste-free bindings in seconds. As the system measures the amount of cable tie needed for the application, no excess material is wasted, saving time and money.

The bundling system also enables fixings known as foot parts, to be fastened with an automatic binding – simplifying the final assembly of harnesses, as the pre-assembled harness can be fixed directly at the metal edge or in a hole. The outside serrated strap and the closures are each supplied on endless reels, meaning there is no limit to materials used within each application.

For this project, the Autotool System secured cables ties, which attached to a group of Fast Trak metal brackets, ensuring each batch of Fast Trak products are secure for transport to Gripple’s customers.

James Curry, Hawke Street Assistant Site Manager at Gripple comments: “This machine has allowed us to streamline our current assembly method which was very labour intensive. On average we are now set to save around the £60,000 mark over the next five years in labour thanks to the implementation of HellermannTyton’s Autotool 3080.”

HellermannTyton’s Autotool Systems come in two different sizes, the ATS3080 offers a 1mm-80mm bundle diameter, whereas the smaller version, Autotool 2000 CPK, provides a 1mm-20mm diameter, giving customers different options depending on the application.

For more information on HellermannTyton’s cable management solutions please visit: https://www.hellermanntyton.co.uk/ or for a demonstration of the Autotool Systems visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?edufilter=NULL&feature=emb_title&v=BKjBmg14Ixs