Honesty is the best policy

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  Posted by: electime      7th September 2020

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when imitation – or misinformation – threatens the reputation of a brand like Scolmore that has been built on the back of many years of investment and innovation, it can be damaging to all parties.

At Scolmore we pride ourselves on many things when it comes to our products – innovative designs, quality materials, rigorous testing. As a business we believe honesty, transparency and integrity are among the key values that drive our relationship with our customers.

That is why we would never make claims about our products – or where they are manufactured – if these claims were not true.  We have been working closely with a small number of select overseas factories for many years now and have built up a mutually respectful relationship with them. We have invested in these factories to ensure they have the best equipment, technologies and people in place to manufacture our products to the highest possible standards. All our products are designed in house in Tamworth by our specialist teams. Our partner factories work closely with the designers to work the designs up to samples and then finished products ready for market. We make regular trips to the premises and have regulated systems and procedures in place to ensure that they operate safely and to our exacting standards.

These factories operate on an exclusive basis with Scolmore, only producing products for our group of companies.   Anyone who claims that their products are made in the same factory as ours, makes the implication that their products are of the same quality, have been subject to the same rigorous testing and approvals processes, when in fact they may not be, and in that way they are misleading their customers and end users.  Wholesalers and contractors need to have the assurance and the proof of the origin of the products that are being supplied to them.

People want to do business with companies that are trustworthy, that are impressive, that deliver on what they say, that are innovative thinkers, and that are both genuine and responsible in all their interactions. Scolmore prides itself on adhering to these principles.