How to Give Your Modern House a Touch of History

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  Posted by: electime      19th June 2019

Most design trends come back around, replicating interior looks that were once huge decades ago.

However, in more recent years, there appears to be a trend repeating itself which takes homes back to a more traditional and original time period, embracing history.

This interior trend turns its back on ultra-modern themes, bringing in elements of old-fashioned practicality, giving homes a more rustic charm.

If you have a modern house but would like to look at incorporating touches of history to your home, take a look at some ideas below.

The Fireplace

Fireplace layouts and mantelpiece design recently topped the list for being one of the most Instagrammed home features. There was certainly an obvious trend here, too – the more old-fashioned, the better.

If you don’t currently have a fireplace or your current one is pretty standard, look into installing a traditional fireplace. It will instantly become a strong focal point in your living space. You can either go down the route of a period-inspired fireplace or a more vintage style, utilising log burners and baskets of logs.

Remember that it should look bespoke and give lots of character to your room. Lots of interesting shapes and a prominent design, just like the fireplaces from the ’20s and ’30s. Plus, a fireplace creates a cosy environment, encouraging people to gather around it for quality time and conversation.

Natural materials

Materials like uPVC and vinyl laminate are what you will see all over new builds and modern developments. If your budget allows, look at opting for the most natural materials you can have, giving a more traditional, stripped back look.

It doesn’t have to mean choosing fittings and fixtures that look old and dated. You can bring a touch of history to your home via natural materials like wood and stone.

These work particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms; it doesn’t mean you have to risk losing any modern favourites, either.

For example, look at updating your windows. You could choose flush timber casement windows, which are a traditional window design giving that touch of originality and have been used in interior design for over 200 years. You can even opt for various glazing bar designs for a more historic feel. You can explore these further at

Incorporate Brass

One of the reasons people avoid brass is because it can be more difficult to clean. However, it looks stunning no matter what type of house you have, and it is much loved for bringing in a more traditional, old-fashioned touch instantly.

The return of brass to your home follows the copper and rose gold interior trends that repeat themselves every now and again. For the foreseeable, brass is back, and you’ll find it being used everywhere, from lighting to furniture finishing’s, loved for its versatility.

It immediately brings a feel of old luxury houses – those who were wealthy back in the early 1900s. It can be expensive, so if you’re trying to budget a little, look at bringing in brass accessories, like vases or door handles.

The above highlights three key interior elements which can bring a traditional look to a modern home. Think about what your modern home needs. Is a period-inspired fireplace on your list? Or is wooden fixtures and fittings something that is more needed in your home? Remember that every home is different, and it’s important that whatever updates you make, they work with the style of your home.