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  Posted by: electime      20th November 2020

A partnership between Ideal Industries, the global leader in electrical accessories, tools and equipment, and Coleg Cambria, one of the largest colleges in the UK, has helped to set the next generation of electricians on course to faster, more consistent data cabling installations.

Coleg Cambria is one of a number of colleges benefiting from Ideal Industries’ knowledge sharing approach to working with the further education sector, which has seen the global electrical products manufacturer demonstrate a number of its products to students. Amongst them is the innovative FT-45 Feed Thru modular plug and Crimp Tool system for the termination of CAT5e, CAT6 of CAT6A. The system has delivered on Ideal Industries’ promise for ease of use and consistency, enabling many of the students to complete terminations correctly every time.

Alex Robinson, Curriculum Lead for Building Services at the Bersham Road campus comments: “We have a campus dedicated entirely to construction and engineering disciplines here in Wrexham and are always keen to drive best practice and use of the latest electrical products. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Ideal Industries and I have been particularly impressed with the FT-45 system for data cable terminations.”

Coleg Cambria student, Sean Perry adds: “The Ideal Industries FT-45 Crimp Tool PrepPRO Cable stripper ensures that I can quickly and consistently strip the wires to the correct length without any trial and error or time-consuming measuring. It’s then simple to insert the wires and check the order before completing the termination. The clear FT-45 feed thru RJ-45 plugs means my tutor can check that the cables have been stripped and inserted correctly before cutting away the excess wire and crimping the connector using the FT-45 Crimp Tool the termination is completed so I’m able to get it consistently right first time.”

Along with FT-45 Feed-Thru plugs and Crimp Tools, Ideal Industries has provided Coleg Cambria with the company’s In-Sure Push-In and Lever Connectors for electrical cable terminations, Fish Tapes for conduit installations and Safe Isolation Kits. Moving forwards, both the college and Ideal Industries are keen to explore more opportunities to work together and support students’ learning.”

“Engagement with commercial partners is always beneficial,” Alex continues “and Ideal Industries are working with us in a really flexible way that benefits the college and our students. Using innovative next generation products like the FT-45 system is great for the students’ confidence and future career prospects and the system has also resulted in financial savings for the college because students no longer need to use multiple RJ-45 assemblies while learning through their mistakes. I only wish I’d had access to something like this when I trained and worked on the tools.”