NAPIT Training & GNC develop UK’s first CIS Electrical Operative Training Course

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  Posted by: electime      22nd June 2021

NAPIT Training have announced that they have formed a partnership with GNC Electrics, a sister company to GNC Technology Ltd which was formed in 2013, based in the West Midlands. Together they have developed the UK’s first ICT Electrical Operative Course ‘CIS Electrical Operative Training Course’ aimed at those working within server rooms whether it be in an office, business server room or data centre.

The training course will provide candidates with an in-depth knowledge of how to complete electrical safety inspections on CIS Cabinets and Racking, and how to interpret and implement the relevant safety standards. In previous years, IT and Network Technicians have had little support and representation for electrical conformance and safety.

Now that this area has been recognised by The IET and The British Standards in the guidance of the: IET 5th Edition ‘In-Service inspection and testing of electrical equipment (2020) – Annex 7 and BS 7671:2018, GNC Electrics and NAPIT Training are delighted to be working together to provide this course and qualify those who are wishing to become qualified Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) including: CIS Engineers/Technicians, Qualified Electricians, Portable Appliance Testers (PAT) who wish to add Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT) to their skillset or anyone with a suitable electrical / IT background holding a Level 3 qualification who wishes to train to become a CIS Cabinet / Rack Inspector and Tester.

“A qualified electrician with C&G 2391 test and inspection would be allowed to certify a Communications Information Systems (CIS)Cabinet/Rack. The question is would a qualified electrician be comfortable doing it?  CIS cabinets have equipment installed that can value in the hundreds of thousands. Couple that with the amount of data they control, which could lead to a substantial loss of revenue if the equipment is inadvertently broken or taken off-line. Think of e-commerce, till systems, logistics control, banking or just the personal data that these CIS cabinets control. If the cabinet fails then this could have serious consequences on the electrician and the company. As an example, the course teaches how to identify High Earth Leakage (HEL). Most CIS cabinets have a HEL that can easily climb above 10mA which is deadly.  We teach how to work in that environment to enable electrical safety for the IT engineer and those that regularity access CIS cabinets and Racks.” GNC Electrical Engineer, Richard Haig explained.

Head of Training at NAPIT, Brett Forster said: “We are pleased to have partnered with GNC Electrics to develop the UK’s first ICT Electrical Operative Training Course, it is a breakthrough of recognition for this area to help and support IT and Network Technicians deliver safe and competent work. There is also a great opportunity when successful candidates have undertaken the training course to apply to join NAPIT’s Specialist Competence CIS Scheme, and the Portable Appliance Testing and Fixed Appliance Testing Scheme* this will allow installers to highlight their competence to clients and access NAPIT membership benefits including unlimited access to free technical support and much more.”

“We are delighted to have worked in partnership with NAPIT to develop and deliver this unique electrical testing course. Providing the necessary skillset and knowledge for successful candidates to confidently work with ICT cabinets, ensuring they are electrically safe and compliant with the latest regulations. A course that also provides an exclusive opportunity to combine Portable and Fixed Appliance testing competence. For those who have completed the course, the service they will be able to offer to clients will be broader than what any other course provides and is first class in its field”. Chris Newton, Director, GNC Electrics Limited