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  Posted by: electime      12th June 2019

The 2019 Panasonic UK Distributor Briefing was recently held at the Belfry Hotel in the Midlands. Panasonic UK Distributors gathered together from across the UK for an update on the company’s business initiatives and forthcoming products launching later this year.

Panasonic has a strong distribution network across the UK for its heating and cooling solutions with attendees from AMP, DYSK, EasyAir, ESS, ICG, Logicool, Oceanair, Secon Solar, Heat Orkney and Thermsaver all attending the event.

Alfredos Armaos, UK Country Manager for Panasonic UK commented “We value our relationship with our distributors and would like to thank all of our UK distributors for their continued support.”

The Distributors were briefed on Panasonic business development and on the wide line up of HVAC products that Panasonic offers, in addition to the high level of reliability that the brand delivers, especially as Panasonic reached its 100th year anniversary during 2018.

Exponential growth for renewable energy solutions

Mr Enrique Vilamitjana, Managing Director of PAPEU commented “Our aim is to become one supplier that can fulfil all our customer needs in heating and cooling. We now offer efficient and attractive solutions in CO2, GHP, A2A and A2W – our target is to become number three in the world by 2021.”

With exponential growth for more renewable energy solutions growing across Europe and in particular, heat pump demand increasing, Mr Vilamitjana further advised  “the Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water range has seen 151% growth over the last few years, hence the opening of our Czech factory in October 2018, and further growth is anticipated over the coming years.”

The factory in Pilsen, Czech Republic, has started with one production line, that will see an increase in manufacturing to reach 40,000 Aquarea units yearly, according to Panasonic’s mid-term plan. The Pilsen operation will become one of the main factories for the Aquarea range in Europe.  Trips to the new factory, along with further training for installers in Air to Water heating and cooling solutions have already begun.

Product Update – Technical Briefing

Paul Aitchison, CAC Product & Planning Manager (Europe) advised Distributors on some of the new innovative products that are due to be available in the UK later this year.

The new J Generation All-In-One Air to Water Aquarea range boasts a new chiller function that provides cooling down to 10˚C, hot water of 60oC plus uses the innovative R32 refrigerant. The new range has a COP of 5.33 on the WH-UD03JE5 model and a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) COP of up to 3.3. From September 2019, models will be rated A+++ in low temperature operation, which is the highest energy class, according to the new Energy Labelling Directive 2010/30/EC.

The launch of a new Virtual Personal Assistant ‘VPA’ for Air Conditioning is due to be launched in July of this year that will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  Panasonic’s solutions that are compatible with the Comfort Cloud app, including all its domestic air-conditioners and PACi systems, can now be voice-activated to provide simple and convenient, smart control.

Furthermore, a new Touch Hotel Room Control will further improve Panasonic’s offering to its hospitality portfolio. The newly designed control platform not only streamlines guest’s comfortability, but aesthetically and connectively improves functionality for both the hotel and guests. Firstly, the flexible installation design with a new fascia design and flush finish front, along with touch display button arrangement allows for simple wired installation and streamlined integration within the hotel room surroundings.

Distributors were delighted about the launch of the new high-performance range of PRO-HT Tank, available in a variety of capacities to suit commercial applications. The PRO-HT Tank DHW is optimised when used with the ECOi 3 PIPE VRF solution thanks to an innovative heat recovery system which produces hot water without a booster, maximising energy performance.

The range includes the PRO-HT Tank DHW which is compatible with ECOi units and comes in three capacities: 1000, 500 and 200 litres (PAW-VP1000/500/200LDHW). When used in conjunction with ECOi 3 PIPE units, the 1000 litre tank can produce free DHW up to 65˚C via a heat recovery system, reducing operating costs and energy usage. This solution provides a high COP rating of up to 6.70, making it an ideal cost-saving solution for large commercial applications, such as hotels.

Distributors were also reminded of the new collaborative partnership with Systemair and the forthcoming launch of the ECOi-W – a new highly efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump chiller series, featuring Systemair’s innovative air source reversible chiller technology. This new integrated solution will be fully customisable and can be made-to-order to create bespoke solutions for specific projects (including the light commercial sector) to fully meet customer demands and requirements.

James Chaplen, Specification Sales Manager for Panasonic UK further advised delegates on five new CPD presentations that have been created and are accredited by CIBSE.  The CPDs cover GHP Technology, F-Gas Regulation and R32, Principles of Air Conditioning, Air to Water Principles and VRF Technology.

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