Private offices now the UK’s biggest business energy consumer

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  Posted by: electime      12th February 2019

Coworkers working in modern co-working space in Scandinavia

Leading business energy supplier Gazprom Energy has used recent research to demonstrate that private offices now consume more energy than any other type of business in the UK. Private offices consumed 3,539ktoe in 2016 alone – that’s 1,000ktoe more than the next nearest industry, chemical manufacturing.

The large growth of industries and businesses supported by private offices has been a driving force behind this trend, and this only looks set to continue. There are other factors behind the increased consumption of energy, including the greater variance in weather conditions which have affected the UK.

The sectors which came in behind private offices and chemical manufacturing include hospitality, food product manufacturing and non-metallic mineral manufacturing.

Findings from the research also show that business energy consumption varies significantly from region to region – with the South East the number one consumer of UK business energy. Population size is, of course, a factor here, but the findings are indicative of the high number of private office buildings in this part of the country.

Phil Ivers, Head of Customer Optimisation, said of the news: “The amount of energy used by private offices is perhaps unsurprising since commercial businesses account for 50% of the energy consumed across the country. It’s a reflection of the consumption habits of UK businesses, so even as solid fuel remains the primary source, a move towards bioenergy is steadily on the rise as we, as a country, look to reduce our own carbon emissions.”

Based on statistical data, the news illustrates the changing tide of business energy consumption, a dramatic shift in usage compared to the numbers of 1970. With the increase in the use of natural gas, the demand for it is only set to grow concurrently with our population in the coming years. And, if temperatures continue to grow more extreme, energy demands will also increase.

For a full breakdown of business energy use in the UK, check out this helpful infographic from Gazprom Energy.