Protecting the KBB industry with free advice and coaching

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  Posted by: electime      18th February 2021

Executive search and talent attraction service providers for the KBB, Builders Merchant & Construction Sales Industries, Foyne Jones, is excited to reveal the impact it’s making within the KBB industry following the creation and continued efforts of its complementary Redundancy Support: in partnership with Quooker.

Launched to industry acclaim during the first-ever national lockdown back in June 2020 and running up to March 2021, Foyne Jones and Quooker have worked together to provide invaluable support to the KBB-masses who have been directly or indirectly affected by the health crisis.

Joining forces to support industry workers that have been hit by redundancy and help minimise the extraordinary pressure being put on the KBB sector, this Redundancy Support has become a motivating force for anyone needing to make a change, regain their career focus and empowerment in life, at home and in the workplace.

Ongoing efforts have successfully led to hundreds of individuals benefittng from CV makeovers, delivery of virtual career coaching and mentoring, mental health and building resilience workshops, along with a host of digital solutions. These include its series of podcasts involvingleading industry players and more recently, a weekly online job seekers club that is inspiring free discussion in a peer-to-peer open format and bringing the signature Foyne Jones approach, mind-set and techniques to enhancing overall employability.

In only 6 months, Foyne Jones Redundancy Support has helped:

  • 188 job seekers – newly registered
  • 152 makeovers – comprehensive CV makeovers
  • 122 evaluations – personal online profile review & update via LinkedIn
  • 43 episodes – podcast Series including Season 3, Survival Specials & Season 4, It’s a NewGame
  • 1K+ regular listeners – across The Foyne Jones Show podcast
  • 17 countries – charted by The Foyne Jones Show podcast
  • 139 job seekers – attended Weekly Job Seekers Club in first 5 weeks
  • 100 per cent resourceful – providing inspiration, hope & positivity during extremely challenging times

And because of this continued level of support, it can advise:

  • 18 per cent of individuals under the free Redundancy Support have moved on to new employment
  • 11 new appointments are directly linked to the efforts of this free support program

Peter Jones, managing director at Foyne Jones, says “We are delighted that we have been able topartner with Quooker UK, a guiding light in our industry and with that, assist so many people and businesses by providing free industry support, digital storytelling and strategic content for the job seeker. Embracing new technology and methods to connect people is a big part of who I am andthe beauty of the KBB industry is its ability to create new opportunities for multi-skilled staff where up-skilling and retraining inside and outside your field of expertise is par for the course. Together we can do so much to influence recruitment and personal development in this vibrant industry and we have to ensure we retain safeguard the industry and retain our current level of talent by attracting the next generation of talent and stars of the future.”

Stephen Johnson, managing director at Quooker UK, says “I’ve grown up in this industry and passionately believe we have a wider responsibility of support wherever possible. The Covid crisis has undoubtedly shaken the kitchen industry with considerable and persistent financial pressures and staff welfare strains placed on retailers, manufacturers and businesses across the country. At Quooker, we too have felt the strain the crisis has placed on the industry. We’ve seen first-hand how its affected smaller, independent retailers and how changing consumer habits have dramatically impacted sales.”

He continues “However, during these difficult times, brands are faced with two choices. To shrivel up and remain inward-focused or to work together sharing expertise and resources, to help the industry rebuild, recover and thrive. That is why over the past year we have invested heavily in support of the wider kitchen industry and a key ingredient to this was to make sure that we could find a way to support those that have lost jobs during the crisis. It therefore made perfect sense that we should partner with Foyne Jones in offering this super initiative.”