Electricians urged to make the switch to fuel cards amidst record fuel prices

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  Posted by: electime      19th May 2022

  • Businesses being squeezed by record diesel pump prices
  • No sign of a rest bite anytime soon
  • However, businesses can save on fuel costs by switching to a fuel card

 The advice has been issued by fuelGenie as diesel prices have reached a record high, despite the Chancellor recently introducing a 5p a litre cut on the average price of fuel.

Indeed, despite this intervention, diesel prices have risen to 180p a litre according to the Government’s weekly fuel pricing data.

Fuel prices will remain volatile and there is also the risk that fuel prices could increase even further if the EU bans Russian oil in the not-too-distant future.

fuelGenie’s Managing Director Robert Pieczka commented: “These are worrying times for businesses in the UK, many of whom use diesel powered vehicles.

“There seems little room for optimism in the near future as it seems diesel prices will be squeezed even further.

“That is why we are urging businesses to make the switch to fuel cards. On average, fuelGenie customers enjoy much lower cost fuel than the national average, helping them save money and, ultimately, keeping costs down to their own customers in turn.”

Fuel cards are an effective way for businesses to help reduce motoring costs while also creating a more efficient business model, which is paramount as the UK is hit with rising prices, including away from the forecourt.

The fuelGenie fuel card itself can be used at over 1,350 Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s forecourts nationwide.

Additionally, the updated fuelGenie mobile app is assisting businesses by providing even more card detail and invoice functionality.

Robert added: “It needn’t be all doom-and-gloom for businesses. There are ways to reduce fuel prices, such as switching to a fuel card.

“Other ways to reduce motoring costs include correct and regular vehicle maintenance, together with educating drivers on how to drive more efficiently, such as not accelerating too fast.”

For more information about fuelGenie, visit https://bit.ly/3IQpni4.