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  Posted by: electime      29th November 2019

Controls specialist SALUS has combined innovation, science and quality to deliver the most revolutionary thermostat to ever hit the heating market.

The new Quantum thermostat, which is now available across the UK, is available in four versions (SQ & WQ range), 230V mains powered and LI-ION rechargeable battery powered radio Frequency (RF) for both Underfloor and boiler markets.

This unique, stylish and ultra-slim product combines innovation, science and quality to deliver the most complete thermostat on the market.

The idea of controlling the behaviour of central heating and underfloor heating systems alone means thriftiness and ecology, however SALUS has decided to go one step further and design the thermostat with an internal rechargeable battery to accommodate recommendations of the European Union.

In addition, the warm floor feature has been designed to overcome solar gain issues. Long periods of solar gain through large expanses of glass normally cause the floor temperature to reduce, thus causing longer reheat times. The newly developed Quantum warm floor feature however helps maintain warmth in the floor during these long periods.

The SALUS Quantum SQ Version, features a humidity sensor, operates with underfloor heating, smart radiator systems and is fully compatible with SALUS Smart Home and Amazon Alexa.

The S1 and S2 terminals are designated to provide additional possibilities to connect with, including three sensors, an External Air Sensor Probe, External Floor Sensor Probe and an Occupancy Sensor, which means the thermostat will enter the sleep state until occupancy in the room is detected.

In addition it has the possibility to connect with two switches, a light switch, a dedicated switch that might be programmed to trigger certain automation rules, scenarios, customised SMS alerts or e-mail messages and a changeover switch, a simple way to switch between heating and cooling mode.

With an unrivalled five-year warranty on the products, SALUS expects the Quantum range to become one of the most successful thermostats ever designed.

SALUS’ European Managing Director, Dean Jepson said: “SALUS Quantum is an extraordinary thermostat designed to be multifunctional, yet the simplest to install and operate.

“During the development stage simplicity was the most important goal that we wanted to achieve. The second aim was to design it in a unique, futuristic fashion fulfilling all of the needs of our many customers by making this thermostat the thinnest in the market.

“At SALUS we are always looking for the next innovation and we believe the Quantum is the most revolutionary thermostat to date and we’re delighted to introduce it into the market.”

The new range comes competitively priced is available exclusively from Wolseley branches across the UK.

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List of key features:

  • Walkthrough setup on LCD
  • Powered by 230V (SQ610) or LI-ION rechargeable battery (SQ610RF)
  • Optimisation Features (Optimum Start and Stop)
  • Smart Home integrated
  • PIN Lock (Suitable for landlords)
  • Valve Protection
  • Comfort Settings
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Fully programmable 7 days
  • External Sensor connection support
  • 5 Year Warranty