Smart Bathrooms: How Technology Integrates Into The Bathroom

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  Posted by: electime      18th July 2019

The bathroom should never be overlooked when it comes to creating a smarter home. The truth is that integrating technology into the bathroom is a huge selling point for making it a more functional and efficient space overall.

From smart mirrors that play music and share weather forecasts, to smart taps and LED showerheads, this article from the bathroom experts at Jaquar will offer insights on some of the latest bathroom tech trends and how they can be installed to transform everyday bathrooms into futuristic, technological paradises.

Consider smart mirrors

Not only are smart mirrors easy to install with the right know-how, but they could also be the perfect recommendation for clients looking to add luxurious features to functional spaces. With the concept of multi-tasking and time-saving set to be a long-term trend across the interior design and construction sector, this is one bathroom gadget that we’d expect to see more demand for over the coming years.

With a number of sizes on the market, there’s no need for clients to compromise on their bathroom design to enjoy the added luxury of a smart mirror either – when the screen is turned off, it still functions exactly like a regular mirror.

If space and budget aren’t a driving force in the decision making, this tech addition can go one step further with an in-wall waterproof TV that’s primed for luxury homes. With all the necessary cables built in and water right, they’re the ultimate solution for bringing a high-tech feel to practical areas of the home.

Create the perfect atmosphere 

As any electrician will know, the lack of power sockets and water hazards aplenty, can mean bathrooms aren’t the easiest place to introduce technology. However, with the advances in wireless bluetooth speakers specifically designed for bathrooms, it’s possible for every home to have a music-filled haven.

Powered by waterproof low-voltage transformers that are connected to the mains, bluetooth speakers usually have at least a 10 metre range – meaning you can ease client concerns about water damage to smartphones and tablets by leaving them outside of the bathroom.

To further cater for the rising demand of sentient bathrooms that intuitively adapt to users, installing the latest LED lights will provide the perfect solution for users who want a space that can seamlessly adjust to their mood with minimal effort. With the added benefit of lower energy consumption and huge style varieties, they’re an easy sell.

Select smart taps

For homeowners or developers looking to put an eco-friendly stamp on bathroom design, the addition of smart taps are an ideal choice – and there are styles and specs to suit all budgets. From commercial restrooms to family bathrooms an integrated smart tap features sensors and technology that allows the user to set the perfect temperature and only use the required amount of water.

As modern bathroom design trends favour more eco-conscious solutions, we’d expect to see smart taps becoming a mainstay with their reduced energy consumption and water saving benefits – a winning combination for clients and the planet.

You can further impress customers with the possibility of smart taps that use facial recognition. With innovative technology that recognises set preferences and uses stored data to set the water temperature and flow accordingly, these have the potential to cater for the rising demand for personalisation through smart technology.

Choose a whirlpool bath

While whirlpool baths may not be a completely new innovation for bathrooms, they are becoming more affordable and a highly desirable feature. Over the years they’ve seen their fair share of innovation, with modern whirlpool baths now available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes to suit even modestly sized bathrooms. With the addition of adjustable jet pressures and LED lights, these luxurious features could be the perfect way to transform your customers’ bathrooms from average to exceptional.

Integrating technology into your client’s bathroom is the ultimate way to make their homes smarter and better tailored to their needs, whatever their budget. Whether they want to optimise functionality or create the perfect relaxing atmosphere before bed, we hope these insights provide inspiration on how to integrate the latest technology into every bathroom.