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  Posted by: electime      16th June 2022

Selco Builders Warehouse has accelerated its evolution towards a sustainable transport fleet by adding 12 electrically powered counterbalance forklift trucks.

The leading builders merchant has also extended its use of alternative fuels by introducing the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in its fleet.

HVO is a cleaner alternative to diesel and is manufactured from 100 per cent renewable and sustainable waste, offering a cleaner way to fuel commercial fleets and leading to a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 90 per cent.

Selco also has seven Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles currently in operation, with plans to introduce a further three for the company’s delivery hub in Birmingham.

Both Selco’s delivery hubs – in Birmingham and Edmonton – will operate fully off a combination of CNG and HVO fuelled vehicles.

The electric forklift trucks, which are manufactured by EP, are being utilised in Selco’s latest branch to open in Exeter, as well as Walthamstow and other locations throughout its network.

Richard Evans, Head of Transport Operations at Selco, said: “We have been clear about our commitments around sustainability and we are now making swift and sizeable progress in terms of reducing our carbon footprint within the transport fleet.

“The introduction of our first electric forklift truck is another milestone we are very proud of and we are now beginning the process of transferring our entire forklift truck fleet of over 300 to electric.

“That transition will take a period of time but every new branch we open moving forward will have electric forklift trucks.

“HVO will play a huge role in businesses operating commercial fleets reduce their carbon footprint in a responsible and efficient way and we are delighted to be stepping up our commitment to alternative fuel.”

With hundreds of trade brands always in stock, Selco’s 73 UK branches are firmly focused on helping tradespeople complete their jobs as quickly and effectively as possible.

As well as offering trade services, Selco also has a strong digital presence including Click & Deliver and Click & Collect services and a new app to make life as convenient as possible for tradespeople.

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