Tansun’s infrared panels finalists in three industry awards

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  Posted by: electime      22nd January 2020

Following the introduction of its new infrared heating panels in 2019, experts in the field Tansun has found the product well received within the industry.

Following its introduction to the market last spring, Tansun has exhibited the panels at a number of industry shows and has seen interest spike in infrared heating following news that the UK needs to invest in more sustainable heating sources. During the last few months, the product has been nominated in H&V News, HVR and Electrical Times’ annual industry awards.

Finalist categories ranged from Sustainable Product of the Year to Domestic HVAC Product of the Year, the areas which Tansun is already targeting with the product.

Infrared panels are an innovative and effective form of heating that Tansun believes will change the way people heat both their homes and commercial properties. Due to their efficiency, health benefits and ability to produce big energy savings, the popular product is a reliable alternative to gas central heating.

The launch of the new radiant panels also coincided with a document released by the Committee on Climate Change last year on the creation of low carbon and sustainable homes. New build homes will need to meet even more ambitious standards in some areas, including being fitted with low carbon heating. No new homes will be built on the gas grid from 2025 so housebuilders will need to install more efficient heating systems that are both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Tansun radiant panels are designed with a number of benefits which include providing instant, comfortable and gentle heat and ensuring safety and reliability as they contain no moving parts. Each panel is fully thermostatically controllable, very lightweight and silent, making it perfect for noise-sensitive environments. Developed to be highly energy efficient, the panels are cost effective to install and can save approximately 30-70% in heating costs.

Tansun heaters are available with a full range of energy-saving controllers which further enhance the efficiency of the products.

Infrared panel heaters should not be confused with traditional outdoor infrared heaters which emit a red glow, as they have been carefully designed to give off gentle healthy heat and no visible light or glare.

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing sales@tansun.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.tansun.com .