TESP warns against training packages in new Rogue Trainers video

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  Posted by: electime      27th June 2024

Beware of expensive training packages that promise much but may fail to deliver – that’s the advice from The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) to those looking to qualify as an Electrician.

In the latest video from TESP’s ‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign, an unsuspecting customer walks down a high street of what appear to be attractive gold, silver and bronze package offers, but soon falls foul of pushy sales tactics and empty promises.

With this latest campaign promotion, TESP is hoping to raise awareness of training providers who operate outside of the industry-approved training routes and try to sell ‘bundles’ of qualifications to those unaware of what is actually needed to become qualified.

Many of these packages include courses that are not essential or suitable for new entrants. Often using terms such as ‘Professional Electrician’ or ‘Full Scope Electrician’, most contain a mix of knowledge qualifications and other courses that are best taken only once qualified.

In addition to the new video, on the Rogue Trainers website TESP has created a list of qualifications commonly found in these bundles and outlined their content and intention, to help arm individuals with the right knowledge when looking for electrical training.

“Whilst we have a strong network of training providers doing the right thing, unfortunately there are some working outside of what we consider ethical practice and selling packages that come with unnecessary and unsuitable qualifications,” said Ruth Devine MBE, chair of TESP. “We have evidence of pressurised sales tactics and limited time discounts to force you into making a decision without considering all your options.”

“Our advice is to take one qualification at a time – any reputable provider will agree with this – and not pay out for expensive packages of training which tie you into a number of irrelevant courses.”

To view the video and read the full advice on avoiding qualification bundles visit www.roguetrainers.co.uk/training-packages