electrical sector has vital part in success of Green Homes Grants scheme

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  Posted by: electime      10th August 2020

by Simon Ayers, CEO of TrustMark

The Green Homes Grant scheme, which will see a £2billion injection into improving the energy efficiency of the UK’s homes, is a turning point in not only the construction and energy industry’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic but for our future.

The emphasis on job retention and creation, apprenticeships and trainee schemes are very much welcomed. This is a chance to update outdated procedures, retrain our workforce to combat the shortage of skilled traders and technicians to deliver both existing and new technologies as they come to the market, and develop and install new products in our working practices.

The Green Homes Grant scheme is the kickstart the construction and energy sector need to help the UK reach the target of net zero by 2050 and we all have a part to play to ensure we meet this target. The time for innovation and development is with us and the electrical industry, along with other sectors, can embrace this opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of our homes. For example, work to improve the external and internal wall and roof insulation will result in alterations to existing electrics and new carbon heating measures like new solar panels and heat pumps will need wiring addition and upgrades. The move to smart controls for heating controls and boilers will also need electrical input. The electrical sector is integral to the success of the scheme, and we are fully committed to helping ensure the tradespeople carrying out the works are supported as they prepare to rise to the challenge and deliver energy efficient, low carbon homes fit for the future.

TrustMark is proud to be a part of the scheme and to be working with industry sectors to support the delivery of quality work. Consumer confidence is not only essential to the recovery of the UK’s economy, but also to the protection and creation of key jobs that will support the long-term delivery of quality improvements in and around the home.

It is good news the work funded through the voucher scheme, is a vital component in us reaching the target and in the Whole House Retrofit approach.  We firmly believe it is important that a property is looked at holistically, and the electrics are an essential part of that. We must start the delivery of a Whole House Approach and look at the ‘fabric first’ so we can address the overall efficiency of the building. Through a whole house approach, a property owner can determine what measures are needed for optimising home energy efficiency and ensuring the best value for money.

As an industry we all need to collaborate to support the Green Homes Grant scheme and move past the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and on to reaching the goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. The voucher scheme will enable us to do this and allow eligible property owners to pay for energy efficiency improvements, that will not only cut energy bills but will also create and support thousands of jobs whilst addressing the climate emergency the world is facing.