Tool security vital for unlucky electrician

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  Posted by: electime      23rd January 2020

An Electrician has commended Van Vault – the originators of in-vehicle secure storage after his Van Vault prevented him from losing thousands of pounds worth of tools when his van was broken into for a third time.

Jeff Jones works for The Technical Department Ltd in Surrey, providing specialist electrical services to events worldwide. He woke up one morning at his home in Guildford to find the locked door of his van, which had been sat on his driveway, forced open. However, as Jeff had recently purchased and installed a brand-new Van Vault Slider, his drills and tools remained safe and untouched in his van.

This was the third break-in for Jeff in his 20-year career and the second time in the past six months. The first time the crime took place 15 years ago, his tools were not protected, costing him hundreds of pounds. Last Summer, Jeff became a victim of tool theft crime for a second time but Jeff had learnt from the previous experience and had taken precautions by installing a Van Vault.

But Jeff is not alone. Last year saw around 280,000 tool theft crimes across the UK and one in three tradespeople have fallen victim to the crime. The average value of tools left in tradespeople’s vans costs approximately £3,000. Van Vault understands that the problem is growing and has invested in rigorous testing and research to ensure it is delivering effective secure storage solutions to deter thieves.

Van Vault’s new and improved vehicle range, which was launched earlier this year, is tested and certified by Sold Secure, an independent test house for security products owned by the Master Locksmith Association and was the first vehicle storage product on the market to be accredited by Secured by Design – the UK’s Police approved standard.

Jeff said: “Today, tool theft is one of the biggest problems facing tradespeople. I live in a small, quiet village with little crime but just this year, it has experienced five separate break-ins and I have been unlucky three times.

“I am extremely grateful to Van Vault for protecting my tools. Without it, I would have lost thousands of pounds, both from loss of equipment and work. My door had been forced open but it was clear that the Van Vault had stopped the thieves in their tracks as there was not one mark on the box.

“I would recommend any tradesperson to invest in a Van Vault now before it is too late. Not only does it protect your tools but seeing the renowned Van Vault brand name makes thieves think twice from even attempting to steal your tools.”

Deborah Hunt, Marketing Manager at Van Vault said: “Thousands of tradespeople have fallen victim to tool theft crime this year and it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Whether it is night or day and the van is parked in a driveway or in a supermarket car park, it can happen anywhere and to anyone. 

“Van Vault is designed to protect and secure tools 24/7, providing the best security, functionality and quality – all which gives peace of mind. Van Vault was able to save Jeff’s equipment and this proves once again it is a vital necessity for protecting tools.”    @VanVault